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Corrosion X 16 oz Spray Bottle
Corrosion X 16 oz Spray Bottle
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Smoke Chief / Cold Smoker
Smoke Chief / Cold Smoker
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Red Beards "SCENTED" Herring Brine [Red Beards "Scented" Herring Brine]
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Red Beards is the "Original" SCENTED Herring Brine. With 7 Super Secret ingredients besides the salt base and scent you will have all you need to put fish in the boat. The container is easy to use, store and transport you bait to and from the fishing destination. Keep it refrigerated in a cooler on the water and in a bait fridge on land and it will last for weeks. You can run up to 5 flats of Herring through it before it starts to lose it's pop. I ran 8 flats of herring through min in Alaska and the Salmon and Halibut just kept after it.
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